Magic mushrooms (四種蘑菇)


Introducing Little Mario’s Magic Mushrooms Pizza – a delicious and nutritious treat for the whole family! This delicious pizza is topped with four types of mushrooms cooked in a special white wine sauce. The combination of fresh herbs and mozzarella makes this pizza irresistible. So why not try something new and magical tonight?



Magic Mushrooms Pizza – a deliciously different take on traditional pizza. Tender, succulent mushrooms are cooked in a white wine sauce with fresh herbs, and then layered on top of a delicious homemade dough base and topped with mozzarella cheese. The perfect meal for any occasion!


Four type of mushrooms, mozzarella, herbs, oregano (四種蘑菇, 莫扎里拉芝士, 香草 , 奧勒岡香草)


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