Joe’s pizza (洋葱意式腸薄餅)


Looking for a pizza that’s got a bit of everything? Little Mario’s Joe’s Pizza! Our special Italian sausage, combined with four different types of mushrooms and onions, will tantalize your taste buds and have you coming back for more. Plus, we use only the freshest ingredients so you know your pizza will be delicious every time.


Looking for a pizza that’s got personality? Try Little Mario’s Joe’s Pizza. This Italian-inspired creation is topped with savory sausage, fresh mushrooms, and sweet onions. It’s finished with a light garlic oil that’ll make your taste buds sing!


Italian sausage, four types of mushrooms, onions, garlic oil

意式腸, 四種蘑菇, 洋蔥, 奧勒岡香草